So many options, so little time.


Fall is here in Alabama, and the leaves are changing. This usually spurs me on to make changes of my own.

I feel like I’ve started so many blogs, posted one thing, and then promptly forgot that I even wanted to blog in the first place. It seems so tedious and I really only want to do it if others will enjoy what I post. I don’t even know what I’ll be writing about. Politics? The weather? FOOD? Travel? I want to do it all. But maybe I should just resign myself to the fact that, at least for now, I’ll be writing for myself.

Hi, Katherine? How’s it going? Dreading tomorrow, I suppose. Monday. Blegh.

Let’s hope this isn’t my first and last post while I figure out this confusing mess that is wordpress. Seriously, could Bill Gates even navigate this platform? Hashtag- confused.


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